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About Me:

My name is Morgan and I’m so happy you’re here. My passion is helping people and my love language is acts of service; this is how The Morganized Method was born. Way back when, I worked for Nordstrom, I started as a Personal Stylist and moved my way up to Department Manager. I adore the world of retail and my absolute favorite thing about it was leaving clients feeling better than when they walked in. Outfitting a person for a new job, for an event or just for a wardrobe refresh was empowering for both myself and the client. I was good at what I did.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve helped friends and family clean out their closets. Sometimes it was to make room for new purchases and other times it was just to get rid of the clutter. In special cases we didn’t get rid of anything, but rather reimagined how to organize their loved belongings. While I adore helping clients edit down their closets, I will never judge or pressure people to get rid of items they’re not ready to part with yet.


As far as other spaces in the home go, I’ve moved over a dozen times in my adult life, including to 5 different states, so I’m quite familiar with setting up new spaces and making things work in less-than-ideal situations. I’ve learned to get creative with small spaces and how to stretch the limits when you think you have space for days. As an avid baker, the kitchen has a special place in my heart. I adore beautiful spaces with decanted ingredients, but I also appreciate keeping things simple.


I have extensive experience with adult closets, kid closets, kitchens, office spaces, playrooms, storage closets and garages - and there’s not a space I wouldn’t love to discuss with you. I look forward to getting to know you and your organizational needs.


Let’s get Morganized.

My Interests:

  • Aunt life; I have 5 beautiful & perfect nieces and nephews and lots of other "littles" that call me "Auntie Momo"

  • Golfing

  • Baking (yes, I jumped on the sourdough bandwagon during the pandemic)

  • Travel, every member of my immediate family lives in a different state!

  • Boxing

  • Dogs, all dogs.

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